Serotonin French white popup CHRISTMAS picnic X @honourwithfetepopuppicnic

December 04, 2019

Looking for healthy and fun (insta-worthy) things to do in Melbourne?

Are you a freelancer, business owner or mum?! This park party is for YOU!! Join me for a relaxed Christmas Party in the park. Dress in your Christmas best, grab your besties and finish the year in style!



We are Launching Summer with a picnic in our park with the beautiful team from @honourwithfetepopuppicnics. This gathering of like-minded happies* will be where we can talk all things health and wellness whilst nourishing our bodies with some amazing food! Is there a better combination?

Food + contagious up-lifting energy = NATURAL SEROTONIN HIGH

Think ‘Diner en Blanc’ (the French white picnic) without the waitlist, overcrowding and minus the stress of BYO’ing your own table or your own food (Our chef and @honourwithfetepopuppicnics has this sorted).

We will be providing:

  • A beautiful setting created by @honourwithfetepopuppicnics featuring big round tables, white umbrellas, bohemian cushions and beautiful rugs (you will feel like you are on set of a Spell Byron Bay photoshoot)
  • Picnic baskets and blankets (no one likes a dirty backside!)
  • High- vibed tribe with an infectious uplifting energy
  • Mini Meditation taken by Kathleen O'brien from @mahasoma
  • Sports equipment you can use to raise that heartbeat! Think tennis balls, cricket bats, soccer balls, frisbees...
  • EXCITING activities throughout the day (think mini massages thanks to Still Beauty ;)

Remove the organising and stress. Let us create a memorable picnic in the Park! Together we can bring in summer and celebrate the beauty and how lucky we are to have so many Inner Melbourne parks!

The Important Bits/ HOW TO ORDER: 

Be free on Saturday 14th December 2019

  1. Arrive at Serotonin Eatery between 1-2pm
  2. Make the hardest decision- decide what you want to eat and drink
  3. Order and pay at the counter
  4. Wait for your drinks outside then head over to the park
  5. Our dealers will bring over your food over to the picnic in the park for you to enjoy

Bring your friends, dogs, animals, kids- whoever! Everyone is invited :D This is the ULTIMATE Christmas party for those who may not get one! 

Dress in your Christmas best- Christmas Jumpers/ T-shirts? It's a YES from me!

Lock in your spot here and I will see you on Saturday!

If you can't make it, that's ok. Remember we have FREE picnic baskets and blankets for you to use anytime you come in!


*Happie: noun

A highly motivated and optimistic individual. Who’s compassionate, practices gratitude and has a strong sense of community. Who understands themselves, their health and is a big believer in using food as medicine.



November 30, 2019

Summer is finally here (well in a few more days) which means a NEW MENU is in need! My chef and dealers have been working closely to ensure this menu is FRESH, CREATIVE, and SUMMER FRIENDLY! Don't worry, we kept a few of your trusted favourites but added some spice to others ;).

So what exactly is NEW and REVAMPED?


This guy is a crowd favourite and we couldn’t completely get rid of him. So instead, we added some flair, got creative and came up with a brand NEW option! We kept it nice and light for summer and ensured we used some of our favourite veggies to benefit your health. Topped with roasted eggplants, olives (rich in gut-friendly bacteria), pine nuts, za’atar (increases energy and digestion), feta, rocket, chili and finished off with FRESH Pineapple. 



We knew we had to keep this fella on the menu but needed some zest to it. Goodbye calamari burger and hello to our ORIGINAL ISRAELI FALAFEL PATTY! That’s right. We added pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeds to make sure there is substance to this beast. Keeping it nice and fresh as we pair it back with tomato, lettuce, pineapple, red onion, pickles, and our HOMEMADE carrot ketchup. You didn’t think that was it did you? This Burger comes with our special Freekeh and quinoa salad (this is not your typical salad, trust us, you won't leave this behind).


We have become well known for our creative and healthy bowls- and this one is no exception. (don’t worry, our Nutrition Bomb will still be here). Introducing our NEW bowl made from buckwheat soba noodles (high in protein), edamame, avocado, zucchini, broccoli,  cucumber, kale and red sorrel. To finish off this bowl, we created a tempeh skewer marinated in nutritional yeast, tamari and spices topped with a lime wedge and Ingrid's SECRET Tahini dressing ;) 

All these vegetables are rich in Vitamin A,C and K to ensure your body gets the health benefits it needs!



Who said you can only have Tacos on Tuesdays? We believe Taco day is EVERY DAY (except Monday and Tuesday when we are closed). These Tacos are not your typical ones. They are made from 99.6% Australian Corn (with 0.04% salt) and filled with our black bean mix of cumin, garlic, onion and paprika, topped with seasonal mango, red cabbage, tomato salsa, lettuce and house made plant-based (yes PLANT BASED!) sriracha mayo. But that's not all. These tacos are accompanied by our NEW chickpea chips ;). TACOS AND CHIPS- YES PLEASE!



We have created the blue bowl of happiness. Imagine, blue bowl nachos loaded with our famous black bean mix of cumin, garlic and paprika topped with guac (don’t worry, we believe in generous servings here) and a parsley and pineapple hot sauce. Dare to share? You may end up ordering two lots if you do…


Your typical favourites will still be here aka; Positive pancakes (how could we ever get rid of these guys!), Smiling Avocado (we live in Melbourne afterall), Nutrition Bomb and both our Galaxy and Nutorious acai bowls (summer is here).

Come and join me and the dealers for the ultimate SUMMER menu! We love spoiling our happies* with choice. Don't forget, you can always PIMP up your dishes with one of our famous sides (we offer both sweet and savory ;).

Did I forget to mention our Hydration Boosters have had a REVAMP too? Iced GingerBread Latte, Iced Disciple Coffee, Wellness Smoothie… the list goes on!

See you this Summer!

Smiles, Emily Hazell

Founder and Head Dealer xx


November 27, 2019

Have you heard the big news? Byron Bay is getting a taste of SEROTONIN! No we are not opening up a cafe… just yet ;) but I have designed a Serotonin Villa. Introducing… Bohemian Bangalow 

Just 400m to Bangalow village you will find my Rainforest Retreat: a newly renovated 4BR, 2BA villa w outdoor bath, private rainforest, fire pit, BBQ & 2 car parks. I have maintained the similar aesthetics and qualities of my famous Serotonin Eatery by using mood stablising colours and textures to boost your Serotonin levels naturally, and incorporated my famous swings (as I know everyone loves the swings at the cafe!). Imagine relaxing on the balcony, swinging through life, listening to the rain on the palms, the sea breeze touching your face, hearing the rustle of the leaves and the birds singing away. This is the ultimate relaxation getaway.

Immerse yourself in nature as you light up the outdoor fire pit under the sky and wait to catch a shooting star so you can wish you never have to leave. Want to relax even more? Draw yourself a warm outdoor bath (or if you prefer indoor use our indoor one) and sip on some local organic wine with some vegan cheese. This newly renovated Byron Hinterland heaven was designed by a renowned Melbourne based Interior Designer to ensure every part of this retreat offers something unique- we wanted you to experience everything.

This lovingly restored cottage sits within the village of Bangalow - a unique and inviting little Byron Shire town, with a historic streetscape and modern mix of cafes, restaurants, and shopping. Enjoy morning walks as you take the charming old rail trail 400m into town to access Bangalow and enjoy great coffee and eats, browse the mix of retail options including high-end homewares, handmade ceramics, and local wares. Don’t miss the Bangalow Markets, and stock up at the local farmers market. Buy some local ingredients that are fresh, high quality and actually fuel you the right way (they haven't been kept in a refrigerator for months) and stock the brand new bespoke kitchen; with a new oven, stovetops and luxury finishes. Don’t feel like cooking? Head to town to find one of the local restaurants that I have recommended here in a past blog. 

Take a trip to nearby Minyon Falls in Nightcap National Park or grab a beer at the historic Bangalow Hotel. Just 15 minutes to the center of Byron Bay, Bangalow is equal parts charming and cool- live like the locals and enjoy the Byron life without the hustle and bustle.

Come and experience this Hinterland heaven nestled within tropical gardens in the center of quaint and charming Bangalow village. With 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, large outdoor areas, stained glass windows, hardwood floors and decorative ceilings this escape is perfect for families, friends or if you want to get away a have the place to yourself DO THAT! Escape the hustle and come and experience the relaxation and calmness this place has to offer.

Warning- you will not want to leave and I won't blame you!

Looking forward to hearing your experience at this magical retreat.

Smiles, Emily Hazell

Founder and Head Dealer xx

About Us

At Serotonin in Melbourne, we provide a sanctuary to escape from our fast-paced lives. As optimal health requires a holistic approach, Serotonin integrates both a nourishing Eatery, an Exercise Centre and has an Education platform. Our ethos is based around eating a plant-based diet to ensure the body, mind and earth all function at their best.