November 05, 2019

There's no surprise that Byron Bay has become a famous destination amongst Australians. With their laid back vibe, amazing beaches, focus on health and wellbeing, insane food scene and local artists, this hot spot is a must! I find myself escaping to Byron Bay when I need a break or if I need to recharge, take a breather and raise my Serotonin levels. This is why I am excited to announce the launch of my new Airbnb - SEROTONIN MEETS BYRON BAY! I wanted to share my love for this magical place and give you some tips on how to NATURALLY raise your Serotonin Levels (I will do another post on where to eat because #FOODISLIFE!) when you are visiting this place and enjoying the magical Airbnb I have created for you!


I myself do not drink coffee but I LOVE starting the day off with an epic chai or hot chocolate. My favourite place is Barefoot Brew Room Barista. It is a super local spot, but I love to journal out the front and talk about nothing with the owner ;). 1A Lateen Ln, Byron Bay NSW 2481 | Opens Weekends 7am - 12:30pm Weekdays 6am - 4pm



Byron Bay has a variety of hikes you can immerse yourself in and explore the beautiful nature around you! The best part about it is the weather is genuinely good and won’t usually throw out 4 seasons in one day ;) Easier to plan and prepare!

  1. Hike Killen Falls is smaller but nice, lots of turtles.
  2.  Minyon Falls has a good walking trail down to the bottom, there are 2 options (a 45 min and a 4 hour.)
  3. Protesters Falls is a beautiful hike that is worth the drive (trust me!) 
  4. Dalwood Falls is the best for jumps, perfect for the adrenaline junkie - I find them scary! 
  5. Devils Holes (+Unicorn Waterhole) is awesome in Mt Jersulum (45 mins from Doma), there are old birthing pools for indigenous tribes
  6. Goonengerry National Park (18 mins from Doma) has to be the nicest place for a picnic, you sit on the rocks at the top of the Falls and look out over the valley- a lesser-known spot. 
  7. Mt Warning is a great Hike- further away though.

I have popped all the hikes on a map for you HERE



Byron has some of the best weekly Farmers Markets! What better way to raise your Serotonin Levels than walking around outside in the sunshine and talking to all the local artists and seeing their passions come to life! 

TUESDAY: Rainbow Region Organic Market + New Brighton Farmers Market 

THURSDAY: Byron Farmers Market 

FRIDAY: Mullumbimby Farmer's Market 

SATURDAY: Bangalow Farmers Market + Lismore Farmers Market + Blue Knob Farmers Market


4. Take the Cumbebin Wetlands Boardwalk

Just a ten-minute walk from the Byron CBD, the Cumbebin Wetland Sanctuary is a pocket of rejuvenated paperbark wetlands hidden behind the Butler St market grounds

5. Visit the famous Protestors Falls

The Falls are among Australia’s tallest and most spectacular and lie along the outstanding Protestors Falls trail – an easy walk of about 1.5km return, partly along a boardwalk, which begins at the Terania Creek picnic area about 15km from the village of The Channon. 

6. SKYDIVE over the town

Byron Bay is an amazing skydive location (and a great deal cheaper than further North!). Because of its geographical location, you can visualize part of the map of Australia beneath you as you descend 14,000 feet. Not to mention the gorgeous scenery you will witness as you see miles of jungle meet the golden coastline which spills out into the deep blue sea… there’s nothing quite like it! Book your skydiving tour by clicking here


Byron Bay is located at the confluence of two types of marine life; tropical, coral fish from the North and coldwater animals from the South. This makes for very interesting scuba diving or snorkeling; here you can swim with dozens of leopard sharks and colorful fish aplenty in one session.

8. Byron Bay BEACH PARTY 

News of these beach parties is only spread by word of mouth, but if you hear about one, get there. They’re normally awash with great music, fire spinners, and hula hoopers and a cozy bonfire. It’s a night out like no other!

9. REGGAE NIGHT at the Beach Hotel

The Beach Hotel hosts a weekly reggae night every Monday. It often hosts semi-famous acts, but even if it's just the resident DJs, the tunes are always cheery and aplenty and there’s always a great vibe there.

10. LIVE MUSIC at The Railway Bar

Known by locals as ‘The Rails’, The Railway Bar hosts live music every Friday night and has a great ‘al fresco’ pub vibe.


There are lots of tea tree lakes within and around Byron. Most easily accessible are those by Tallows and Belongil. They have the ingredient ‘tea tree’ in them, which is great for your skin. Take a dip in some of these pools and feel like you’ve had a spa treatment! Have a Reiki treatment. There’s normally somebody at the Arts Factory who is able to perform Reiki which is spiritual healing. One of these treatments will help you get rid of any stress and tension, or any negativity weighing you down.


Because if you didn’t try the didgeridoo, did you even go to Australia? This will be sure to put a smile on your face!

13. Must do’s when in Byron Bay: 

  • Kiva spa in Mullumbimby (On a rainy day go-to for a steam and massage) 
  • Brunswick Heads cinema
  • Watch a movie at “The Arts Factory” HERE'S WHAT'S ON AT THE MOVIES
  • Pilates at Bende 
  • Get a massage at Holistic Massage Centre Call (02) 6680 9298 1/14 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481
  • Surf lesson 
  • Tennis in Bangalow $10 and the key to the courts is at the Drive-Through Bottle-O on station St
  • Whites Beach and Braes in Broken Head National Park (this is my secret spot so shh) go swimming!
  • Brunswick Heads (cafes and the pub on a Sunday with live music. This town is super cute too with a cinema and the Brunswick river is good too- especially on the incoming tide when you can float all the way around down the river and then jump off the bridge and run back to the beach.) 
  • Swim at Wategos Beach in town before or after you walk up to the lighthouse!
  • Get up for sunrise and hike the lighthouse (you can go from the main street or start at Wategos beach)
  • Crystal Castle  
  • Watch the sunset from the ‘water tower’ at the highest point in Byron or lighthouse
  • Creature Yoga (they have 2 x studios now on each side of town!) 
  • Rainbow Centre in Mullumbimby (yoga, workshops and vegan cafe)
  • Kayaking with Dolphins in Byron Bay (book this before you go! BOOK HERE)
  • You can always drive out to the hippy town ‘Nimbin’ haha an experience in itself! 
  • Byron Bay Night Vision Walk (Book this before you go as well BOOK HERE
  • Channon Market (only once a month) then do the rainforest walk/hike


So there you have it. My secret spots, tips, and places to visit to increase your Serotonin Levels naturally and immerse yourself in the magic of Byron Bay. I hope you LOVE my Bohemian Bangalow Cottage as much as I do! I cannot wait for you to see it.

Smiles, Emily Hazell

Founder and Head Dealer xx

4 companies to support Women in Business in Melbourne 

November 04, 2019

These women are not just creating businesses to make money. They are creating businesses in order to have a positive impact on society. In order to create change within society and educate them on ways to obtain optimal health full of smiles and good times. 

1- @Serotonindealer

You may have either seen my face at Serotonin Dealer or on our Instagram account - Serotonin is my baby! I established Serotonin Eatery as I sought a place where I could be motivated daily and connect with like-minded individuals looking to embrace a positive lifestyle. I longed for a 'no-brainer menu', where every dish was nourishing and remove the need to narrow it down to just one ‘healthy option’. In order to keep this dream and passion of mine alive, I will continue to engage with my community and ensure that you leave my cafe with positive vibes and a smile on your face! 


If you do not know Shani, then I suggest you head over to her Instagram where I can guarantee you will fall in LOVE with her. With her strong obsession for food, health, and nutrition, my dear friend Shani created Keep it Simple in order to help the community who suffer from food intolerances and give them easy to follow recipes that won’t leave them unwell! From providing free recipes on her website, creating her own ebook and offering catering services, there's nothing this powerhouse female cannot do!


Founded by a husband and wife, this beautiful couple is creating a movement with their reusable alternatives to single-use plastic items. Reducing their footprint and educating their customers on the importance of reducing their plastic consumption, they are on a mission to End Plastic Pollution in order to protect our planet. Here at Serotonin we have joined this movement and hope our community will follow this as well in order to protect our environment and restore it for future generations to enjoy.

4- @retreatyourselfbox

Founder Kate Williams came from the corporate scene and saw first hand what happens when one's health is not where it should be. Retreat yourself box was born from the desire to create ‘a product that wasn’t just a ‘product’, but actually had a hugely positive impact on someone’s quality of life. Something that encouraged them to slow down and pause for a moment to refill their cup, that helped them find more happiness, fulfillment and a sense of wellbeing in the hustle and bustle of this modern world.’ What a superstar! Retreat yourself box offers guidance and reminds us to look after ourselves and prioritising our own health and wellbeing. 

So there you have it. 4 empowering females (with the addition of a husband and inclusion of myself- not stuck up just proud of my mission!) in the Melbourne business scene that are creating change. That are initiating change. That are impacting the lives of society in a positive way. Show your support by supporting us and our missions and helping others along the way.

Smiles, Emily Hazell

Founder and Head dealer xx

Serotonin French white popup picnic X @honourwithfetepopuppicnics

November 01, 2019

Looking for healthy and fun (insta-worthy) things to do in Melbourne?

WELL, SUMMER IS HERE, Christmas is coming and we’re excited about this sunshine!!

If you love food and nature as much as me, but don’t own a picnic set- I have everything you need!

Grab your partners, girlfriends, and family and come down to the beautiful adjacent park from Serotonin to enjoy! Our new menu is launching and we want you to be the first to taste it as we celebrate Christmas coming together!


We are Launching Summer with a picnic in our park with the beautiful team from @honourwithfetepopuppicnics. This gathering of like-minded happies* will be where we can talk about all things health and wellness whilst nourishing our bodies with some amazing food! Is there a better combination?

Food + contagious up-lifting energy = NATURAL SEROTONIN HIGH

Think ‘Diner en Blanc’ (the French white picnic) without the waitlist, overcrowding and minus the stress of BYO’ing your own table or your own food (Our chef and @honourwithfetepopuppicnics has this sorted).

We will be providing:

  • Nourishing food that will warm your soul from the inside out
  • A beautiful setting created by @honourwithfetepopuppicnics
  • Picnic baskets and blankets (no one likes a dirty backside!)
  • High- vibed tribe with an infectious uplifting energy
  • Soulful chats and new happies* to connect with
  • Sports equipment you can use to raise that heartbeat! Think tennis balls, cricket bats, soccer balls, frisbees

Remove the organising and stress. Let us create a memorable picnic in the Park! Together we can bring in summer and Christmas together as we celebrate the beauty and how lucky we are to have so many Inner Melbourne parks!

The Important Bits/ HOW TO ORDER: Be free on Saturday 14th December 2019

  1. Arrive at Serotonin Eatery between 1-2pm
  2. Make the hardest decision- decide what you want to eat and drink
  3. Wait for your drinks outside then head over to the park
  4. Our dealers will bring over your food over to the picnic in the park for you to enjoy

Bring your friends, dogs, animals, kids- whoever! Everyone is invited :D

Reserve your spot here.

See you on Saturday!

If you can't make it, that's ok. Remember we have FREE picnic baskets and blankets for you to use anytime you come in!


*Happie: noun

A highly motivated and optimistic individual. Who’s compassionate, practices gratitude and has a strong sense of community. Who understands themselves, their health and is a big believer in using food as medicine.



About Us

At Serotonin in Melbourne, we provide a sanctuary to escape from our fast-paced lives. As optimal health requires a holistic approach, Serotonin integrates both a nourishing Eatery, an Exercise Centre and has an Education platform. Our ethos is based around eating a plant-based diet to ensure the body, mind and earth all function at their best.


November 30, 2019