What brought me to Yoga- by Alex Tsindos

November 21, 2019

I began my Yoga practice a few years ago, to avoid undergoing a 2nd back operation before the age of 30. What started as minor rehab exercises, has now turned into a regular practice. This love lead me to complete a 200hr teacher training and a Yoga for Mental Health course.

To try to put it in simple terms, I love the feeling of space Yoga gives me.

First, I notice the space between my breath.

Then, space in my muscles as they lengthen.

Followed sometimes by a nice pop as the space within my joints is noticed.

This space proceeds to work its way upwards until it sits between my ears, sometimes for a moment, sometimes for a minute. The concentration of that meditative focus can also be described as ‘Samadhi’.

The cultivation of this space, for me, is Yoga.

When I first started going to classes, I couldn't touch my toes - or bend far forward, due to the intense sciatic pain (forget about sitting cross-legged!). As a young guy who’s supposed to be capable of doing these movements, it was very humbling to see women and men twice my age with three times the strength and ability I had. 

I was so worried about being judged as “bad at yoga” but the reality I’ve found is: No One Cares! Everyone is fighting their own battle on their mat, too busy to worry about what anyone else is doing. 

Instead of freaking out about what other people may think, we can turn that focus inwards. It’s hard to be bad at something you're only comparing yourself to, but a much more accurate scale of progression: Can I bend a little more today? Is sitting easier? Can I take a deeper breath? Noticing these little improvements can be a much better feeling than worrying about what that person on Instagram can do. 

Once you've become familiar with finding paths to that feeling of space, you can start to notice yourself using them outside of the classroom. 

You could be sitting in your office, your car in traffic or simply going for a walk and notice those moments of peace. Watching how you take a few breaths, noticing how you're sitting in your chair or feeling the ground beneath your feet. The next thing you know - you have a daily meditation practice! It’s a great way to supplement any existing training or sports you compete in, aiding in skill development as well as recovery, due to Yoga benefiting both the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. 

There’s a wide range of different types of Yoga asanas to try such as Vinyasa, Yin, and Ashtanga. With classical paths such as Jnana (path of knowledge), Bhakti (path of loving devotion) and Karma (path of action) available to pursue as well, there’s a method of Yoga to suit anyone’s disposition.

So if you've been entertaining the idea of trying a class, sick of having a sore back, stiff legs or had enough of doing your own head in, please go find a place that interests you - they usually have some sort of trial! 

Try something that scares you a little- you won't regret it.


November 18, 2019

Hello Happies* 

Is it scary that Christmas is around the corner? Where has the year gone!?

We have a jam (obviously raspberry chia-jam) packed month for you! With summer around the corner (but who really knows, it is Melbourne after-all) and Christmas shortly after, these next few months are full of exciting events. I thought it would be easiest to list all our upcoming events on one post so you don’t skip any! Remember to look after yourself over the next month and take some time out to have a chai, chill out and recharge so you don’t burn out.

What is coming up…

FREE Serotonin Yoga- Every Thursday morning until Christmas

It’s no surprise that this time of year so many of us are running on adrenaline and do not take time out for ourselves. This is why we are hosting Tadasana Thursdays. Come join the tribe for a Thursday morning Yoga Class at our beautiful Utopia Space led by Kate from @soul_fueled_yoga from 8:00am. With a few Thursdays to go before Christmas, there is no excuse to not get to one. Let’s zen out together and reconnect as we take ourselves out of the daily chaos and back to a place of inner awareness.  Book in here and secure your mat. 


Free Serotonin Exercise- Saturday 30th November

We’re bringing you back into nature where you won't be able to wipe that smile off your face -despite having an increased heart rate ;) Get your endorphins pumping, raise those positive vibrations and increase your weekend productivity by starting your weekend with an hour of movement surrounded by high vibed motivated happies*! Head over to the happiness HQ for your post-workout refuel and maintain that high vibe with some soulful chats and nourishing food. Think smoothies, caffeine hits, alternative lattes, juices, home-made mylks… the list goes on! Secure your spot here. See you at 7:30am!

Serotonin French White Popup picnic x @honourwithfetepopuppicnics- Saturday 14th December

Looking for healthy and fun (insta-worthy) things to do in Melbourne? 

WELL, SUMMER IS HERE, CHRISTMAS is coming and we’re excited about this sunshine!! 

If you love food and nature as much as me, but don’t own a picnic set- I have everything you need!

Grab your partners, girlfriends, and family and come down to the beautiful adjacent park from Serotonin to enjoy! Our new menu is launching and we want you to be the first to taste it! Serotonin X @HONOURWITHFETEPOPUPPICNICS!

Think ‘Diner en Blanc’ (the French white picnic) without the waitlist, overcrowding and minus the stress of BYO’ing your own table or your own food (Our chef and @honourwithfetepopuppicnics has this sorted). We will be hosting activities throughout the event to bring our community together (think meditations, Kirtan sing-alongs and more). Secure your spot here and we will see you at 1pm on Saturday! 

Serotonin Education Dinner: Hindsight is 20/20 - Wednesday 18th December

Do you find it overwhelming to lock in yearly goals? Do you find you get two weeks into January and give up on your new year's resolution?

Have you heard about manifestation before but not sure what it is...or how to do it?

Serotonin wants to help set you up for a successful 2020 by offering another one of our famous Serotonin Education evening sessions over a Christmas Dinner. Our panel of industry leaders will be providing you with the tools and insights into setting up a successful 2020 through a manifesting and goal setting workshop whilst we celebrate the coming of Christmas. Give yourself the chance to become the goal-setting king or queen, set up a successful 2020 and not needing to look back in hindsight on what you should have done at the start of the year. Book your table here and I will see you at 6pm on Wednesday 18th!

Free Serotonin Exercise- Saturday 21st December

The last of our FREE Serotonin Exercise Sessions before we break up for the holidays! Get your endorphins pumping, raise those positive vibrations and increase your weekend productivity by starting your weekend with an hour of movement surrounded by high vibed motivated happies*! Head over to the happiness HQ for your post-workout refuel and maintain that high vibe with some soulful chats and nourishing food. Think smoothies, caffeine hits, alternative lattes, juices, home-made mylks… the list goes on! Secure your spot here and stay around to shop our Christmas Market!

Serotonin CHRISTMAS MARKET- Saturday 21st December

We understand that it can get frantic at this time of year with work finishing up, preparations being made and trying to prepare yourself for the Christmas rush. That is why we are wanting to provide you with a Christmas market full of LOCAL products to support our small business owners. 

Imagine. One room. 10+ local stall owners. Local goodies. Yummy snacks. And an atmosphere that won't leave you running out the door and contributing to your heightened stress levels (we are no Chadstone, that's for sure). Avoid the hectic Shopping centers and come to our Christmas market. Support the local business owners and give presents with meaning and are beneficial for our bodies! Keep an eye out on our socials for stallholder announcements. Register here.

I did warn you Serotonin had a raspberry chia jam-packed month for you! I look forward to celebrating the Christmas period with you and seeing your smiling faces in-store before we break up for the new year! Stay up to date across our socials

Smiles, Emily Hazell

Founder and Head Dealer xx


*Happie: noun
- A highly motivated and optimistic individual. Who’s compassionate, practices gratitude and has a strong sense of community. Who understands themselves, their health and is a big believer in using food as medicine.



November 08, 2019


One of my favourite quotes (and if you have been to Serotonin you would have seen it on the wall) 

‘Every time we eat we are either feeding disease or fighting it’.

Food is medicine. If you continue to eat processed foods with little nutritional value, you will not get the nutrients your body needs (our bodies literally crave for wholefoods). This is why I created Serotonin Cafe to help educate the community on the importance of soul food and the magic it does to our bodies. Byron Bay is a hub of goodness when it comes to food. Below are a few of my favourite places to eat and delve into the local cuisine and culture. Anyone else agrees Serotonin needs to join this hub? ;) 


Bayleaf Cafe
My favourite place in Byron, my first stop and must go when in town. The menu is always fresh, colourful and drinks specials are always new and creative! Ask the guys for their recommendation of the day! The manager Jesse is a legend too
2A Marvell St, Byron Bay NSW 2481 | Open 7:00am - 2:30pm

The Roadhouse Byron Bay
Great place for a coffee or to sit outside and read a book. Just at the end of the Bangalow road on the way to Byron Bay. Stop in on your first morning to check out the menu as it changes all the time and vegan options vary.
6/142 Bangalow Rd, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Folk Byron Bay
Folk is 5 minutes out of town on your way to the ‘Industrial’ area. Very casual and great place to hang with friends over brunch. Post brunch make sure you head into the amazing local designers and opp shops in the ‘Byron Bay's Arts & Industry Estate’.
1/399 Ewingsdale Rd, Byron Bay NSW 2481 | Opens 7:30am - 2:30pm 

Great for a morning coffee with breakfast or lunch. This super cute sister cafe to Folk in Byron Bay, only has a few seats and no table service. You can grab a yummo big buddha bowl and peruse the local designers whilst you wait - then sit down and enjoy the sun (definitely no Melbourne weather here)..
Behind the ‘Arts Precinct’ - 10 Station Street, Bangalow NSW 2479 | Open 7:30am - 2:30pm (Closed Monday) 

Combi Byron Bay
The sister cafe to their Melbourne one, come for early breakfast after a walk to the lighthouse. The place is always a buzz. Coconut bowls just had a big breakfast with 50 vegan bloggers here last week! Check it out for an acai bowl or smoothies and pressed juices. Great desserts to take on later adventure hikes too.
5b/21/25 Fletcher St Open 6:30am



My favourite place in byron! A vegan cafe attached to a church! It’s super unknock and the owner is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet! Best place to co-work from as it’s dead and has the best lunch and EPIC VEGAN DESSERTS :) 97 Johnson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481 | Open 11am - 3pm (Closed Saturday)

The Farm Byron Bay
Not great on the vegan options, but worth having a look for the drinks and produce store. Maybe grab a take away snack before you go on a hike, bike ride or kayak.
11 Ewingsdale Rd, Ewingsdale NSW 2481 | Open Monday-Thursday 7:00am - 4:00pm. Friday, Weekend 7:00am - 10:00pm

Orgasmic Food Byron Bay
The BEST flalafems you will ever have!! Get the shared plate for 2 and add dips!! OMG!! 11 Bay Lane, Byron Bay NSW 2481 | Open 11:00am 
Luscious Foods
AMAZING falafels and middle eastern food! It’s in the Industrial estate. 

1/6 Tasman Way, Byron Bay NSW 248 - 17am - 3pm + Friday Dinner 

O-Sushi Restaurant Byron Bay
Sushi train for quick fun lunch or dinner 
15/90-96 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481
11am - 8:30pm

Federal DOMA Cafe
Federal Road, Federal, New South Wales 2480, Australia
+61 2 6688 4711

Tacos in town
Shop 12 26 Jonson St, Byron Bay, New South Wales 2481, Australia


No Bones
Go for dinner (note: closed Monday). A newbie on the block! Amazing vegan creative dishes!
11 Fletcher St, Byron Bay NSW 2481 | Opens 5:00pm - 5pm 7 days

Elixiba Byron Bay
For Lunch or Dinner, this place has 3 other locations on the coast! The vegan calamari is AMAZING to share as a starter! They do big burgers for boys and epic vegan bowls!!
10 Feros Arcade, 23 Johnson St Opens 12PM

Milk and Honey
Pizza in Mullumbimby

The Italian Diner
Higher-end Italian
37-39 Byron St, Bangalow NSW 2479 | Open Lunch 12 - 3pm Dinner 6 - 8:30pm

18 -22 Old Pacific Highway | Newrybar Village, Byron Bay, New South Wales NSW 

Bangalow Hotel
1 Byron St, Bangalow, New South Wales 2479, Australia

Mullumbimby Pub
$15 main meals
46 Burringbar St, Mullumbimby NSW 2482 10am - 10pm

I told you I would let you in on all the places to eat ;). If you can’t get to Byron Bay but still love food, it’s ok. Serotonin have you covered- we will ensure you leave smiling with a warm soul from our wholesome menu

Smiles, Emily Hazell

Founder and Head Dealer xx

About Us

At Serotonin in Melbourne, we provide a sanctuary to escape from our fast-paced lives. As optimal health requires a holistic approach, Serotonin integrates both a nourishing Eatery, an Exercise Centre and has an Education platform. Our ethos is based around eating a plant-based diet to ensure the body, mind and earth all function at their best.


November 30, 2019