THE THREE S’s - self-care, sleep, and sustainability

April 06, 2021

At the beginning of January, it’s likely that you’ll commit to a vigorous exercise regimen, vow to eat cleaner, spend a little extra time prioritising yourself or try to be more financially responsible. It’s common for us to look back on our successes and mishaps in 2020 and think about how we can achieve better health, fulfilment, success, and happiness in the year ahead. 

While the last twenty years were largely defined by technology, this new decade may be characterised by something else entirely. For too long, our focus has been on consumption and convenience. As we went after the latest products, we also spent more and more time scrolling through social media and shopping online. As a result, we’re more exhausted and isolated than ever before. We’re also realising that our habits aren’t the healthiest and it may be time for a change, yes I know, it’s hard to commit sometimes, that’s why I share with you today some things you can do this new year!

Getting you to sleep 

We all know sleeping is important to our health, unfortunately, today we are more stressed than before, stress also interrupts our sleep as thoughts keep whirling through our heads, stopping us from relaxing enough to fall asleep. A night of good sleep helps you maintain a healthy weight, boosts mood and immunity, promotes mental clarity, and enables the body to repair itself. 

Try establishing regular bedtimes, for example, 10pm - as the hours before midnight count as double. Also, turning off your phone an hour or two before sleep or even downloading sleep apps to help you forget the things that worry you.

Plant-based Food

As you all know, Serotonin was born out of my own personal journey of healing my mental health and my body. Prior to going plant-based I was dealing with low iron levels, constant bouts of the flu (the year prior to going vegan I had antibiotics 7 times!) poor immune functions, Anxiety, Depression, Parasites which impacted my life so much. I was constantly tired, sick, and had no energy. It was going plant-based which opened up my consciousness and gave my body and brain the energy to find the flow state and create Serotonin. You can't imagine how beautiful nature is when it comes to healing you! If you are not fully plant-based, do not worry, simply try to double the amount of vegetables and fruits to your diet, and Serotonin Eatery is here to help you! Check my new menu to see all my guilt-free and plant-based dishes, you will love it!

Sustainability in everything

There’s no doubt that climate change is a rising concern for industries, brands, and individuals. In recent years, we’ve seen consumers gain more awareness around their buying (and eating!) habits and the impact they have on our planet. I always try to use brands that are environmentally conscious and I always want to know where my products come from and how they’re sourced. One of my favourite brands are @kappi @coconutbowls @toothbrushcompany etc...

Meditation and exercise

Thousands of years later, it’s safe to say meditation isn’t a passing fad. While viewed in the previous decades as “woo woo” or something just for specific religions, this spiritual practice has gone mainstream. Studies have shown meditation can improve emotional state, focus, and overall well-being. I try to meditate every morning and I always do my gratitude journal at night, that's another way to meditate and be present! If you are just starting, try any kind of guided meditation, It lets you focus your mind instead of paying attention to all of the thoughts in your head. 

One of my best ways to increase my Serotonin levels up is doing any kind of exercise, I like to practice yoga or just ride my bicycle, I feel really good afterward! If you want to include exercise in your daily routine try to incorporate some physical activity either before or after work, or at lunchtime, go for a walk, practice some yoga or even start using the stairs instead of the elevator. Regular physical activity will also improve the quality of your sleep. 

There you have it. Some of my tips to be happier and smash your new year. 

Prioritize the three S’s – self-care, sleep, and sustainability – this is your year. 

Make sure you enjoy your life HAPPIES- It’s the only one you get.

Serotonin Summer Menu Launch + Bushfire Fundraiser Dinner

January 14, 2020

This cause needs no introduction.

Many Australians are holding heavy hearts as we slowly watch our country burn from one of the worst bushfires recorded. The total area burned across ‘NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania has now reached 8.4m hectares – an area larger than Scotland’ [1]. 

Businesses across Australian are doing their best to raise money and donate proceeds to those organisations who are helping fight these bushfires and protect our wild life.

My heart is broken. But instead of wallowing, I’m jumping into action. I’ve been thinking about what I can do? My skills are around;

  1. Being a leader and creating community events.
  2. Raising and donating money.
  3. Spread science about the positive effects of a plant based lifestyle. 

What I’m great at is organising and running bespoke events, so I’m going to do what I do best. 

On Thursday 23rd January from 7pm-9pm, I have organised Serotonin's annual Summer Menu Launch community dinner in conjunction with a silent auction to raise much-needed funds to support; Australians, firefighters and native animals.

Showing the power of connection and community, I have partnered with sustainable and local businesses who have all donated gifts for the auction, with all the proceeds going directly to BushFire Appeals!

Tickets include a 4-course meal, allowing you to taste their latest creations in one sitting. The menu will be 100% plant-based - one of the best ways to look after the environment. Dinner starts at 7pm with the silent auction commencing during the evening.  



  • Serotonin Eatery and Utopia Place - Richmond, Melbourne
  • 7pm-9:00pm Thursday 23rd January 2020
  • Dinner will start at 7:00pm with the action taken place during the evening
  • Please make sure you are ON time!

    These fires are not just burning our land, they are burning our precious wildlife.  In NSW ‘up to 30% of the Koala population’ on the NSW mid-north coast could have been killed in the fires.’ [1] 

    “The biggest fire seasons in the past have burnt about 20% of the forest...but this time it is going to be more than half, which puts animals at a much higher risk’. [1]

    It’s time to call up your friends and family and book a table to support this great cause all whilst tasting Serotonins new summer 2020 menu!

    For more details head over to


    Tickets are limited so make sure you book!

    Please let us know via if you can contribute anything to be auctioned off!

    We can't wait to see you as we unite together to raise money for our country. 
    Smiles, Emily, and the Serotonin Dealers xx


    SEROTONIN EDUCATION DINNER - Hindsight is 20/20

    December 17, 2019

    Do you find it overwhelming to lock in yearly goals?

    Do you find you get two weeks into January and give up on your new year's resolution?

    Have you heard about manifestation before but not sure what it is...or how to do it?

    Serotonin wants to help set you up for a successful 2020 by offering another one of our famous Serotonin Education evening sessions over a Christmas Dinner. Our panel of Industry leaders will be providing you with the tools and insights into setting up a successful 2020 through a manifesting and goal setting workshop whilst we celebrate the coming of Christmas.


    You will leave with:

    • A better understanding of how to set SMART goals
    • The power of manifestation and how to start incorporating it into your daily practice
    • How to ensure you remain on track for 2020
    • How to identify when a goal is not a goal
    • Insights and learnings on what our panel learnt this year
    • A stomach fuelled with goodness and new ideas for Christmas dishes as you taste test our new SUMMER MENU;)

    Give yourself the chance to become the goal setting king or queen, set up a successful 2020 and not needing to look back in hindsight on what you should of done at the start of the year. We can guarantee you will leave this evening session feeling ignited, inspired, motivated, and high on positive vibes with some added wisdom and taste buds that will feel alive! ;) .

    The Important Bits:

    • Serotonin Eatery and Utopia Place - Richmond, Melbourne
    • 6pm-8:30pm Wednesday 18th December 2019
    • Workshop will begin at 6:15pm
    • Bring your keep cup and water bottle to show us how sustainable you are
    • Bring a notebook and pen so you can lock in these golden nuggets


    1. Emma Maidment

    Is an international yoga and meditation teacher, writer and speaker. Emma is committed to sharing ways to live an authentic and connected life. As a passionate community creator, intuitive facilitator and transformative speaker, Emma helps you to connect back to yourself so that you are able to live an empowered, aligned life.

    Emma teaches international retreats, facilitates corporate wellness programmes for some of Australia's biggest companies, provides private and public yoga and meditation sessions, and speaks on health and wellness throughout Australia and the world.

    Collaboration over competition is one of Emma’s core values and she has co-founded multiple businesses. The ‘Mindful Morning Collective’ allows people to come together and share a morning of nourishment, rejuvenation and relaxation in the heart of Melbourne. ‘Ritual Retreats’ is a deeply immersive yoga and wellness experience in Bali and India. Flow States Retreats is a yoga, surf and fitness retreat in some of the best surf destinations in Australia.

    Emma is also a lululemon ambassador. Emma has been featured in Australian Natural Health Magazine, body+soul, The Urban List, Broadsheet, and many more.

    Connect with Emma on instagram (@emmamaidment_) or dive deeper on YouTube.


    - Flow State - moving with ease in the direction of your dreams and how to create goals without creating rigid attachment to outcome so that we remain in a state of flow.

    - Manifestation and trusting the timing of your life but how to put things in place to insure you don't become stagnant.

    - Tips on creating an organisational structure


    2. Kate Williams:

    Is the founder of Retreat Yourself, Australia’s seasonal health and wellness subscription box, leading women across the world to healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.

    Kate started Retreat Yourself after having what she refers to as her ‘1/4 life crisis’ and finding herself in the corporate industry after many years of traveling and volunteering around the world. Because of the things she’d seen and experienced, Kate had a different perspective on life that allowed her to see many flaws in the way we’re living our lives and decided she wanted to do something to help women prioritise their own wellbeing and start feeling good about themselves.

    Que, Retreat Yourself being born in late 2015.

    Kate now resides on the beautiful Surf Coast and has built an awesome team within Retreat Yourself. Having found a healthy and happy balance of life, work, and play, Kate is dedicated to changing the lives of women across the world, one box at a time.


    - How you create successful goals

    - Learnings from this year

    - The power of manifestation

    - How Kate maintained her successful business and what organizational methods she has implemented


    3. Alex from Tuesday People

    Our last speakers for the night is Alex who will be taking us through a workshop in regards to goal-setting and how we can remain accountable with our goals and see them pan out for the year instead of giving up after a few weeks!

    Alex owns Tuesday People which is a coaching consultancy company that helps organisations with applied psychological safety in their teams and has seen her help work with massive corporations throughout Melbourne!

    This is an event you will want to attend!


    Secure your spot here. 

    See you Wednesday night!

    About Us

    At Serotonin in Melbourne, we provide a sanctuary to escape from our fast-paced lives. As optimal health requires a holistic approach, Serotonin integrates both a nourishing Eatery, an Exercise Centre and has an Education platform. Our ethos is based around eating a plant-based diet to ensure the body, mind and earth all function at their best.