May 29, 2019

Coffee Cupping; "the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee."

Do you want to know why Melbourne coffee is so expensive? 
Do you know why a 7/11 coffee costs $1, but $4 or more from a Melbourne cafe? 
Do you want to understand the TRUE value of quality, sustainable, specialty coffee in Melbourne?

We will give you the inside scoop on what it takes to provide sustainable, specialty coffee in Melbourne. We will explain the supply process of quality, humane coffee from field to cup; including the humanity, ecology, and taste of “specialty” seasonal coffee versus traditional commodity coffee. We will elaborate on the REAL cost of ethically sourcing coffee beans, the transformation process (roasting), and the bean extraction. You will learn to taste the difference between fresh, seasonal, single origin (single estate) coffee and traditional commodity coffee.

You will leave understanding why there is a price tag attached to quality, ethical, humane Melbourne coffee, and why you should support it. You will recognise that paying for the true value of ethical coffee “gives people moments of joy in order for them to do the same for others” - Marwin Shaw, Founder of Disciple Roasters, Owner of Monk Bodhi Dharma, Admiral Cheng Ho, and part-founder and owner of Bayano The Rebel. You will comprehend the importance of “specialty” in coffee, and the flow on effects to the environment, farmers and ultimately, YOU the consumer. You will no longer be confused about the price discrepancy of coffee in Melbourne or confused when the waitress asks if you would like to try the ‘single origin of the day’ - whatever that even means… :/ haha

Who: Marwin Shaw - Founder of Disciple Roasters, owner of Monk Bodhi Dharma, Admiral Cheng Ho, and part-founder and owner of Bayano The Rebel, & Rory Johnston - Head Barista at Serotonin Eatery.

What: Learn about the importance of “specialty” coffee and the flow-on effects to the environment, farmers and you, the consumer. Taste the difference between quality, fresh, seasonal, single origin coffee compared to traditional, commodity coffee.

When: Thursday 20th June, 6:30pm - 8:00pm.

Where: Serotonin Eatery, 52 Madden Grove, Burnley, 3121 VIC.

How: Tickets on sale now. This is a FREE event! Your ticket 'price' includes a bag of organic single origin coffee from the incredible Disciple Roasters. Please note: if you have a coffee machine at home, please select the appropriate type of bean, either filter or espresso.

Any questions on this or for more information please email

Serotonin's Mother's Day Degustation

April 27, 2019

Is your mum the type of lady who is always putting your happiness and the happiness of others before her own?

For many of us, our mum’s are our rocks. They support us through everything from major life decisions, to cooking and clothing us when we’re sick, tired, or just because! They are always there for us to rely on.

Well this Mother’s Day, why not treat your mum (or grandma) to a truly special evening that is all about her! The Serotonin Dealers are putting on a stunning degustation dinner to celebrate and say thanks to your mum for always putting YOUR happiness first!

Book for your mum, or mum - take a night off, and book for the whole family! 
Enjoy an evening of feel-good vibes, food, community and a delicious local organic menu.

Our intimate event will include a nourishing and delicious high-tryptophan (serotonin's booster) meal, guaranteed to make your mum happy from the inside out! Dairy, gluten, sugar and guilt free! Our clean meals are designed for mood stabilization and optimal gut health.


Tables are booked in groups and can be bought for friends, family or work colleagues.

The dinner will begin at Serotonin Eatery at 6pm and run until around 8pm with drinks, our signature house-made dairy-free vegan cheese platters, main meals and sweet treats. 

Our meals are all paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten, grain, dairy and sugar-free.
Kids meals available! Please email us here if you need children's meals for your table. High chairs are available.

BOOK you table now here.

Date And Time

Sun., 12 May 2019
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm AEST


Serotonin Eatery
52 Madden Grove
Burnley, VIC 3121

Serotonin FREE 4th Birthday

March 21, 2019

Did you know..?
70% of small businesses close after 12 months, and 90% of small businesses close after 2 years.
At Serotonin we've doubled that! So let's celebrate!!

Are you a highly motivated and optimistic individual?
Are you someone who understands themselves, their health and is a big believer in using food as medicine?
Are you compassionate, do you practice gratitude and are you looking to find a community that you fit in to?

Head Serotonin Dealer Emily felt the same pull to find her people, and knew she didn’t fit into the typical stereotypes of hipsters or hippies, so she created her own community - of HAPPIES!

Happie: noun
A highly motivated and optimistic individual. Who’s compassionate, practices gratitude and has a strong sense of community. Who understands themselves, their health and is a big believer in using food as medicine.


Emily has planned the perfect Serotonin packed morning for you, and it’s all absolutely FREE!

To celebrate Serotonin’s 4th birthday, this month’s Serotonin Education step is Spend Time Outdoors, so Emily has gathered her friends to put on this totally FREE event to say thank you for the years of support.

From 730 - 830am join founders and owners of Bodyfit Matt, Dan and Ramsey for an epic workout to kick start the morning.
The join us at Utopia, Emily's beautiful event space next door to Serotonin at 830am, where we will enjoy a guided meditation to centre us for the morning.

To boost your natural happiness we will have FREE hot and cold drinks and delicious healthy desserts available.
Enjoy FREE treats from Remedy Kombucha, Sacred Taste Cacao, and desserts from Cacao Citizen and Shoku Iku.

You’ll leave feeling fresh, energised and connected to your community of Happies!

All welcome! Bring your kids, family and man’s best friend!
Remember to also bring a drink bottle, yoga mat/ towel and a smile :)

***Join us at Serotonin to dine in after the event - Show your free ticket for $14 mains!

About Us

At Serotonin in Melbourne, we provide a sanctuary to escape from our fast-paced lives. As optimal health requires a holistic approach, Serotonin integrates both a nourishing Eatery, an Exercise Centre and has an Education platform. Our ethos is based around eating a plant-based diet to ensure the body, mind and earth all function at their best.