Serotonin Walk down Memory Lane

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Does Serotonin Eatery evoke happy memories for you?

Needing comfort in your life?

Want to catch up with friends without planning a thing?

 Then join us for our Serotonin Walk down Memory Lane degustation!

We’re bringing back some O.G. favourite dishes!

Come celebrate with us and let us do all the planning, cooking and cleaning!

As most of you know, we have an ever-evolving seasonal menu, changing every 3 months we create new beautiful plant-based dishes from local and seasonal produce and we are launching our new seasonal menu; plot twist! It’s full of all your old favourites from our last 6 years!!!

We will forever have our 4 x signature dishes that were created way back in 2015.

1. Positive Pancakes

2. Nutrition Bomb

3. Smiling Avocado

4. Galaxy Acai (and of course, now- NUTORIOUS A.C.A.I)

and then every three months we create beautiful plant-based dishes from local seasonal produce, but this time to celebrate the past 6 years in business and erase the misery of the past year we’re relaunching your favourite dishes since we opened back in 2015. So, get ready for a night you won’t forget!

We are bringing our amazing Happie Community together again with our favourite thing; delicious plant-based food!

You are personally invited to join the Serotonin Dealers and our incredible Head Serotonin Dealer Emily for an intimate evening, being the first to retry the best of the best of Serotonin.

Join us in meeting other like-minded Happies* who love nutritious food as much as you do! Bring your kids, partner, friends, date, dogs or come on your own and meet up with new people! You’ll leave feeling satiated and with a newfound understanding of the benefits of eating a nutritious plant-based diet. You will learn where and when our amazing story started and sample our latest Seasonal Menu.

We know how hard it is to choose only 1 meal off our huge menu. So, don’t miss this glorious gathering of Happies* where you’ll get to try every single dish!!

Start this special evening by sampling our delicious Plant proof Pizza, followed by our O-Love Pumpkin and Medicinal Waffles for starters. Then, keep being amazed by our mains; Deconstructed Sushi and Endorphin Bowl, finishing up with our house-made Sweet Potato and Peanut Butter Serotonin Brownie.

The evening will be held at our event space Utopia, followed by a degustation of our new menu at Serotonin Eatery.

52 Madden Grove, Burnley

Thursday 22nd of April

Tickets are now live here, don't wait, tickets are selling fast :)

Fully plant-based degustation for any other allergies, intolerance or dietary requirements - e-mail us at

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