You Can Eat Your Feelings at the World’s First Happiness Restaurant

August 06, 2017

If you’ve just gone through a breakup, you’re supposed to cry into a pizza or a tub of ice cream, right? Wrong. Maybe hold up on that extra cheese crust pizza, because it’s not going to make you feel any better. Roll your eyes as much as you like, but there’s actually merit to crying into a banana-oat smoothie instead.

Melbourne’s First Serotonin Kitchen

August 06, 2017

A cafe opening next year will focus on getting you to naturally release more serotonin.

Tucked away in a quiet pocket of Burnley is an old milk bar showing the first signs of its transformation into Serotonin Kitchen. Most cafes aim to make you happy, but this is the first of its kind to back it up with research in the fields of science, psychology, design and nutrition.

Gut Feelings: Diet, Depression and Bacteria

August 06, 2017

In another setback for the notion that depression is all in your head, recent research suggests it may be a gut reaction. Literally.

Brain has always bested bowel in the body battles for executive organ status. However, the gastrointestinal tract is moving up in the world and recently was labeled the second brain. Laboratories all over the world have been mapping a bi-directional information highway between these two organs called the gut-brain axis.

About Us

At Serotonin in Melbourne, we provide a sanctuary to escape from our fast-paced lives. As optimal health requires a holistic approach, Serotonin integrates both a nourishing Eatery, an Exercise Centre and has an Education platform. Our ethos is based around eating a plant-based diet to ensure the body, mind and earth all function at their best.