Free Serotonin Exercise

FREE Serotonin Exercise is returning for 2019!

Join our epic tribe of Happies for a natural hit of Serotonin.

Our Serotonin Exercise Trainers will kick start your morning with an hour of movement, ranging from circuit training to pilates and yoga, then back to Serotonin for community chats.

And why not join us afterwards for a nourishing plant-based breakfast to really kick start your day with a dose of Serotonin!
Join fellow Happies for a delicious Nutrition Bomb, high in complex carbohydrates and proteins, great for restoring tired muscles and jam-packed with good fats.
Or our signature Positive Pancakes, rich in vitamins and minerals. We use green banana resistant starch which is the most nutritionally resistant starch in the world!

*Join the Serotonin Exercise Trainers every Saturday morning.
730 am - 830 am for an hour of fitness activities suitable for all levels.

Meet at Serotonin Eatery - 52 Madden Grove, Burnley.
Bring your runners, a drink bottle and a smile.

All fitness levels welcome- our trainers will look after you.

Who doesn’t love FREE anything! Especially a free morning workout and mindfulness practice!

**FREE = one-hour morning exercise sessions with our amazing Serotonin Exercise Trainers

***Feel free to book into every single session! That's where you'll get the results you want!
Don't be scared to come alone, most of us do :)