Five Habits of Naturally
Happy People

August 06, 2017

40% of your happiness is influenced by intrinsic factors, these are things you have control over such as your relationships with others, your career, your hobbies, the activities you engage in and your overall outlook on life. You are more likely to reach your full potential in life if you are happy and positive, so let’s look at some easy ways to increase your everyday happiness and overall quality of life. These 5 things may seem so simple but trust me, they make a world of difference!

This Is Why You Need To Have Turmeric Every Single Day

August 06, 2017

So by now I think we have all well and truly caught on to the turmeric latte craze that has hit Melbourne, some of us even swapping out beloved chai’s for a Golden Latte at our favorite cafe… but what makes this ancient Ayurvedic drink so special? Thanks to turmeric’s high levels of curcumin (the pigment that gives it that bright yellow colour) it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

9 Ways Serotonin Dealer
Starts Her Day = HAPPINESS

August 06, 2017

Well, we’re definitely into 2017 and I’m still writing 2016. Most people's resolution was to be healthy, or at least healthier than last year. And here starts my letter. A healthy day begins with a healthy morning, and I want to share my tips for starting your day on the right foot.

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Magnesium Might Boost Mood

September 06, 2019